BEA Committees

Listed below are the different committees helping the BEA in their area.

If you are interested in joining any of these committees, please contact the chair for more information.


The BEA Insurance Committee (BIC) is charged with addressing healthcare issues on behalf of BEA members, including those retired BEA members who remain on the Boise District heal plan.

Chair: Andrew Rath, Maple Grove
Lisa Brooks, Koelsch
Shannon Cullen, Shadow Hills
Dorothy King, Retired
Angela Rich, Mountain View
Christine Ronan, Hillside

ESP Steering Committee

The ESP Steering Committee was formed to offer a contact for support staff in schools. The committee also works on increasing membership, visits schools to offer information about membership and rights and provides support, classes/training and volunteer opportunities.

Chair: Allison Gordon, DSC & Hidden Springs
Debra Brown, Horizon
Jeanine Rishel, South
Bree Wildman, White Pine
Stacie Aspiazu-Johnson, Hillside
Leslie Melby, Horizon
Nick Stienmetz, F&O
Tina Wayman, Grace Jordan

Public Relations

The Public Relations committee works on multiple outreach events throughout the year to work with the community and the district. Their goal is to educate the public on the different aspects of the BEA and involve educators and communities in events sponsored by the BEA.


Chair: Amanda Shindle, Borah
Nichole Caropino, White Pine
Amber Armstrong, Liberty
Randi Sinclair, Morley Nelson
Debra Haase, Monroe
Debbie Brown, Horizon
Karen Schow, North
Allison Gordon, DSC

Government Relations

The Government Relations PACE committee is comprised of two units: Government Relations (GR) and the Political Action Committee for Education (PACE). These two units strive to work closely with district school boards, as well as, local and federally elected politicians across the state. The objective of these committees is to foster collaborative communication between school districts, state and federal officials with regards to education.

Chair: Allison Bigham, Fort Boise
Erin Stutzman, Timberline
Sherilyn Paris, Grace Jordan