About BEA

The Boise Education Association consists of 1,800 members including:

• Classroom Teachers

Helping students to read, write, and prepare for a changing world

• Special Education and ELL Professionals

Providing the best learning environment for students with special needs

• Library Media Specialists

Opening minds to great literature and critical thinking skills

• Coaches

Teaching students the values of discipline, dedication, and teamwork

• Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Speech Language Pathologists

Guiding students to understand and overcome challenges in life

• Nurses

Educating students and families in prevention, early detection, and management of health related concerns

• Reading Specialists

Working directly with at risk students to improve critical reading skills

• Paraprofessionals, Librarians, and Secretaries

Supporting the educational needs of students in all schools

• Custodians and Facilities & Operations

Maintaining a clean and safe learning environment for all students

We are committed to providing a high quality education for all students within the Boise School District. We work collaboratively with the community to ensure all children are prepared for a productive adult life.

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