Insurance Committee

The BEA Insurance Committee (BIC) is charged with addressing healthcare issues on behalf of BEA members, including those retired BEA members who remain on the Boise District heal plan. Ready to retire? Click here for the IEA/NEA Retired Membership Form.


The goals of the committee are:

Goal 1: Affordable, Quality Member Insurance: The total cost of health care (District cost and individual out-of-pocket cost) is understood and carefully monitored. This goal recognizes that the purpose of insurance is to protect the health and limit the financial risk of BEA members, and to control the cost to the District and to BEA members.

Goal 2: Good Health: Preventive care and healthy lifestyle choices are encouraged through appropriate benefit design.

Goal 3: Education: All BEA members are aware of the financial and health benefits of the District’s employee based health benefits and insurances.


Members of the BIC:


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